Earth Feather Studio is a ceramic studio focused on creating impactful imagery in hand built ceramic.

Feathers have been a long time important sign for the artist. She sees them as a way of receiving affirmations and acknowledgment that the Earth's Spirit is not a figment of the imagination.  According to her eathers are a physical manifestation of the Spirit that connects us all. 

She feels a feather that enters your life brings the message that it is there to help you use your intuitive soul and that feathers are the connection to the "air" forces; air being one of the four elements. The remaining three elements are water, fire, and earth. The beauty of working in clay for her is that it combines all the elements... earth, water, fire and air. 

Feathers remind her that anything is possible. She believes it is clear that feathers can connect us to the greater knowing that is in each of us.

Finding Feathers

The purpose of “making art” or the creative process is to be in touch with your inner self and allow that inner expressive voice to speak in the form of “art”.                            Michele Carroll

Earth Feather Studio

Hand built ceramics